Happy New Year and Welcome Back ! We hope you had a wonderful winter break enjoying family and friends. Hopefully everyone is charged and ready to return with positive energy. Looking forward to seeing you on campus. 

We would like to congratulate all the 11th grade students who participated and completed three courses through University of California San Diego (UCSD) Extended Studies Program

January, 2015

  HONOR                              INTEGRITY                                VIRTUE 

Chula Vista Learning Community Charter School 
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HAPPY NEW YEAR! We hope the holiday season was restful . CVLCC MS Staff is looking forward to a productive second semester. As teachers focus on the academic program, we also would like to incorporated our CVLCC core values into everyday learning. CVLCC Values are an instrumental part of our program. CARING, COOPERATION, RESPONSIBILITY, RESPECT, CITIZENSHIP, PERSEVERANCE, TOLERANCE are powerful values that arise in many circumstances. These values reside in good, simple, decent acts that we do for one another on a daily basis and are found in action that lead us to a better place for our school community. 

January, 2015

What's New at CVLCC

  • Curriculum Nights all grades.
  • CVLCC Cummunity Event  Kermes.
  • ​Elementary: Understanding by design review.
  • Middle: Providing the humanity perspective for students through our service learning program.
  • Middle School Sports Volleyball and Basketball​.
  • High School Implemented Chinese Mandarin as an elective.
  • High School: All social studies classes (World History I, AP World History II and AP U.S. History) will now be delivered in English.


We hope you had the opportunity to enjoy your family during holiday season. It is time to come back to an exciting new year. Our goal continues to be focused on students learning and making sure challenged and inspired every time they walk into our school. 

During this next quarter, every teacher is very excited to share with your children wonderful narratives from different authors. Our students will be exploring how different authors craft their stories, portray characters, convey messages and themes connected to real lives. Throughout this unit, teacher will help students with skills and knowledge so they thinking and understanding through written and oral expression. 

January, 2015