Congratulations Journalism Students!

CVLCC has its first yearbook! Beginning May 1st, students will have the opportunity to purchase a first edition yearbook through the internet. CVLCC High School Theater 

On May 22nd and 23rd, our High School Drama class will perform a production of "Strange Happenings". The performance will be held at the Red House Playhouse in el Cajon at 7:00 PM We invite all of our community to enjoy a brilliant performance from our students. A must see show!

May, 2015


Where does the CVLCC logo come from? 

In the summer of 1998, a group of CVLCC educators brainstormed strengthen a new way of perceiving educational institutions. The Mayan calendar is a true representation of how each day is marked by new beginning, a cycle, and how time is methodically organized based on a belief system. Our logo is a reminder of how CVLCC needs to continue innovating itself in order to be a beacon of hope, a cycle of learning and a methodical representation of how education must be for our community.

May, 2015

What's New at CVLCC

  • 2015 State Assessment at all levels
  • ​Elementary: Smarter Balanced Assessment and CST
  • Middle: Preparing for State Testing
  • Middle School Sports Soccer Games.
  • Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP)
  • High: Construction on our building.
  • High: Boys Volleyball, Baseball and Girls Softball started.

  HONOR                              INTEGRITY                                VIRTUE 

Celebrating Students' Success

Congratulations to our Quarter III Recognition recipients. Students received an academic award for a 3.7 and above grade point average (GPA). Also students received the Effort and Tenancy Award and the Heart Award. These two awards are selected by a team of teachers and the administration to highlight students who emulated the vision of CVLCC

​CVLCC MS is proud of all students recognized and enjoyed seeing entire families coming to celebrate the students.

May, 2015

The best educational experience your child will ever have

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