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We would like to wish our community a fabulous fall break. Use this time to enjoy your family & friends, relax and be ready to return back to return back to school. Classes resume on Tuesday, October  7th at 7:30 AM. Upon retuning we will begin quarter 2. 

  HONOR                              INTEGRITY                                VIRTUE 

Chula Vista Learning Community Charter School 
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Parent conferences should have given you initial information of how your child is behaving as an independent academic learner. We encourage our students to use the habits of mind as they critically think about content. Please support your child by learning how the habits of mind help students develop skills needed to think independently. 

What's New at CVLCC

  • Focus on the Human Element
  • New Location of Middle School
  • Teacher Exchange Program from Spain
  • New Student Recognition
  • Expansion of the 50/50 Model to upper grades
  • Partnership with The University of California San Diego and Third Avenue Village Association.​

Welcome Back!

We are excited to start our second quarter. Thank you for your participation  in our September parent conferences. During this time you had the opportunity look at the work your child is producing in class, areas of strengths and areas of improvement. With the  information you received  during the conferences please support your child at home by making sure he or she is making sense of what he or she is expected to do  independently.

During quarter 2, our teachers will continue to support your child by providing them with intentional strategies so they access the   academic  expectations for their grade level with success. CVLCC teachers’ objective is to provide students with a culture of high expectations and the knowledge they need to become successful lifelong learners.