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Mental Health & So Much More!

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Heart Team
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This team of Amazing Humans is here to serve and support the CVLCC Community! 
Below you will find a thorough list of resources and services carefully curated by the Heart Team so that we are bringing the best and most powerful resources to you here on the CVLCC website. We will update resources and information on a regular basis. Please check-in often! 
The Heart Team is also available to support students, parents, teachers, and staff individually or in a small group. The Heart Team has a wide variety of experience and expertise. Issues like positive parenting, anxiety, depression, fear/anger, frustration, trauma, etc. are all issues the Heart Team is ready to tackle with you - just email us and we will be in contact soon! 
We are also here to support with any sort of economic or housing issues. We might not be able to solve all problems - but we will do our best to help. 
We also have two outstanding HS Academic Counselors. So, if you need help with college acceptance, financial aide, or just general academic questions - let us know! 
Title Link Description
CVLCC HS CLICK to Access The HS Social Worker has done a fantastic job making herself available to support HS student emotional/mental health. The link goes to an Instagram page - where students can set up a meeting time with the HS Social Worker. 
SDCOE  SDCOE: Resources
SDCOE has complied a long list of emotional/mental health services, links, and information. The list of resources covers a wide range of services. 
Anxiety Handbook This document provides important information related to dealing with the stress and anxiety that can be created during times of isolation and global pandemic/crisis. 
Mind Yeti This is the YouTube Channel for Mind Yeti. Click on the link to access videos that will help you child at home practice mindfulness to relieve stress, to calm down, and deal with uneasy times. 
Crisis Line
1-888-724-7240 The crisis line is meant to be used to access mental health services and can be used in emergency situations. Of course, it might also we appropriate to call 911.
Mental Health Hotline
Hotline Please click a link access a story about the Mental Health Hotline. Contact information is provided. Use this connection if you have mental health concerns about yourself or your child. 
Sesame Street
Sesame Street Videos Use this link to access videos put together by Sesame Street to help students and parents understand how to deal with mental health and/or social emotional issues.
Anger Management
Anger (For Teens) This document provides important information related to dealing with the angry and frustration that can be created during times of isolation and global pandemic/crisis.