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Past COVID-19 School Closure Messages

April 2, 2020
Dear CVLCC Parents,
Hope you are well and keeping safe!
The Chula Vista Learning Community Charter School continues to carefully monitor guidance from federal, state, local public health, and educational agencies as it pertains to COVID-19.  All decisions about reopening will be made in conjunction with the district and local public health officials.  We continue to hold out hope that our campuses will reopen soon but are making plans to continue teaching and learning in earnest if that is not the case. 
The Chula Vista Learning Community Charter School is quickly transitioning into a new way of teaching and learning to meet the health and safety of our students.  Administrators have been working with faculty to organize the transition.  We will be using the week of April 6, 2020 as a planning week for teachers. However, students/parents are expected to check-in with teacher and/or look out for messages Monday, April 6th to get direction and information. The full Distance Learning Plans will be administered starting Monday, April 13, 2020. 
We are also working on supporting the social and emotional well-being of our students and finding ways to stay connected, even at a distance.  We also know that many students are concerned about missing out on end-of-year activities and celebrations.  Our administrators are working with faculty to plan on how we might offer these experiences in different formats at a later date.
In the coming weeks, we will provide you with information regarding how grades, graduation requirements, and distance learning instruction will be handled. 
While we recognize this situation poses challenges and hardships to our families, the most effective way to slow and disrupt the transition of this pandemic is by continuing to implement social distance practices, as well as recommendations from our city and county.  We are grateful to our community for everything you are doing during this unique and difficult time.  Grab-and-go lunches will be offered during this transition on a daily basis starting April 7, 2020 at designated sites around the district.  More information will follow through our website and messenger system. 
We appreciate your patience and understanding during this time.  Please trust that we are doing everything in our power to prioritize student safety, keep our community updated, and supporting our teaching community.  We miss our parent community and most importantly our students. 
Dr. Jorge A Ramirez Delgado 
School Closure Update - March 26
Good Afternoon CVLCC Community

The current status of "indefinite" school closure has remained the same. At this point, we are anticipating that the school closure will extend beyond Spring Break - April 6th. As a team, we have spent the last week developing distance learning plans for each school site. We will share these plans in greater detail mid-next week when we complete them as a team. The situation with COVID-19 is incredibly fluid and ever-changing, but we feel prepared to take on the challenge of distance learning. If school closure information changes we will immediately update the community here on the school website - but again, at this point we will begin distance learning April 6th - the return to school classrooms is still undetermined.
Take care of yourself and your families! 
Please take all health and safety guidelines seriously! 
Dr. Ramirez Delgado
COVID-19 School Closure Update - March 20 
Attention CVLCC Community
On behalf of CVLCC, we want to thank CVLCC families and students for their commitment and dedication. Students, parents, and teachers are doing their best to communicate and interact via email and other forms of communication. During these unprecedented times, we appreciate everyones flexibility and ability to come together as a community to help each other out and get through this event as a team.
As this point, the extension of school closures has been labeled indefinite meaning the duration of closures has not yet been determined or decided in Chula Vista. Please be advised that teachers and leaders are developing plans and actions we will take if we do indeed extended school closures beyond Spring Break.
We will communicate all updated information here on the website and through all CVLCC communication platforms. We will stay in touch every step of the way.
Be safe, be healthy - and take care of yourself and your families!
Dr. Ramirez Delgado
COVID-19 School Closure Update - March 17 

Attention New CVLCC Parents

Please know we will reschedule all parent orientation meetings when we return to full operation.

We will communicate dates/times of rescheduled meetings via phone when we return to full operation.

Please stay connected to the school website for more information. 

Teacher Contact

During the week of March 16th - March 20th teachers are available to communicate by email to answer questions and support student learning at home. Teachers are sending information via email and posting information on Powerschool and Jupiter. 

Student Expectations - March 16th-March 20th

ES: Although it is not mandatory, it is recommended that students complete lessons using online programs. Teachers sent grade level specific messages. 

MS: Although it is not mandatory, it is recommended that all students check Powerschool and Jupiter to check-in on materials/study supports posted by classroom teachers. 

HS: Although it is not mandatory, it is recommended that all students check Powerschool and Jupiter to check-in on materials/study supports posted by classroom teachers. 

Student Breakfast & Lunch - March 16th-March 20th

Families can pick up a grab and go breakfast and lunch from 10:00-12:00 at CVLCC Elementary School. We will no longer have breakfast at 8:00 am - both breakfast and lunch can be picked up at the same time. Please drive into the parking lot and grab and go meals will be handed to families. The child receiving the meal must be present. 

*Other CVESD Elementary School campuses will also have breakfast and lunch at the same times.

Parent Events & Meetings

All parent events and meetings have been cancelled. CVLCC will communicate when meetings will be rescheduled as regular school functions return to normal operation. Ex: Budget Advisory Council, Parent Orientation Meetings, etc.

After School Sports/Events

All after school sports, practices, and club events have been cancelled until further notice.

Please refer to the attached document from CVESD Superintendent Dr. Escobedo for more information. If you have any questions or concerns please call school office secretaries.

Please be aware we will be sending updated information as it comes to us from CVESD district officials and appropriate Public Health Department communication.


Dr. Jorge Ramirez Delgado