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Traffic Pattern

High School Traffic

To ensure the safety of all students at Chula Vista Learning Community Charter, it is important that all parents follow the traffic pattern guidelines. Administration and/or an officer of the San Diego Police Department will call parents who do not respect our traffic pattern. From Palm Ave., go south to Piccard Ave.- turn right onto Arey Dr.-turn right into the 1st entrance. To exit, turn right on Arey Dr. to Picador Blvd. (NO LEFT Turn allowed). It is important to NOT park your vehicle in the pick-up/drop off line.


  • Parents should have all electronic devices put away
  • Only adults should direct traffic and may not have any children standing with them as they monitor traffic. It’s the volunteer’s responsibility to concentrate on safety while overseeing traffic
  • Traffic volunteer parents should NOT be in a conversation with another person as they volunteer
  • Be kind and courteous to everyone, USE CODE OF CONDUCT
It is critically important to always drive with care and concern - for the safety of our children and community members!