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Middle School

Chula Vista Learning Community Charter Middle School


380 Third Ave. 
Chula Vista, CA 91910

Ph: (619) 946-4200

Fax: (619) 946-4201


The Chula Vista Learning Community Charter Middle School is located at center of the city of Chula Vista. Our downtown location is in the midst a quickly developing and thriving business area. Currently we partner with Chula Vista Parks and Recreation to support the athletic development of our students and provide swimming classes once a year. We also have established relationships with other businesses in our community and have benefited from the services they provide. Our student population is comprised of 250 students and is key in ensuring that every students is valued as an individual as they develop relationships that connect them to the teaching and student community.  


As we enter this school year, our mission is to develop a culture of thinking and to support our students as they strengthen their social, emotional, and academic identity.  The faculty team is dedicated to the success of every student.  Our program offers core academic content in a 50/50 dual language model to develop prepared students  who will thrive in high school  as they continue their path towards achieving the California Seal of Bi-literacy. Students also have access to a variety of elective courses where they explore a variety of learning experiences connected to science, math, language, social justice, and visual and performing arts. In addition, all students are engaged in a two-year Innovation course that is designed to develop leadership mindsets, global awareness, and an creative approach to transform knowledge into action throughout the culminating Legacy Project in the eight grade. 

We welcome all families to join ours in educating the leaders of the future.