Just a Few Teachers Dropping Knowledge! Episode #1


“So cool!” “So awesome!”

I asked her if we could somehow celebrate the incredible work and share her pedagogical wisdom with our entire community. Karina was quick to remind me that the work was a result of dedicated collaboration with Danielle Salgado!

A few days later I was talking with the extraordinary Math Instructional Focus Specialist, Katie Bradshaw, and we decided that we had to make a video of the excellent teaching and the impressive blend of social justice, math thinking, and CGI pedagogy.

Thus, the idea of “Just a Few Teachers Dropping Knowledge” was born! 

Here is episode #1


Stay tuned of the next episode featuring Kriscinda Gardiner and Alex Hunt talking to us all about the really fantastic work they did blending art, thinking, and social justice!

We would love to have you join us for an episode! If you are interested, let us know! 

 - C. Bradshaw & J. Ruth

Source: Just a Few Teachers Dropping Knowledge!