5th Grade Meets Dr. Martin Luther King III

CVLCC Experiences the Powerful Words 

of Dr. Martin Luther King’s Son and Granddaughter


Earlier this week, a group of CVLCC students were invited to join the family of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. at Border Field Park at a ceremony commemorating the 55th anniversary of Dr. King’s I Have a Dream speech. Our students took the stage to welcome the King family with a beautiful song. These students not only were able to sing for the son and granddaughter of Dr. King, but they were also awarded the amazing opportunity to hear Martin Luther King III commemorate his father’s I Have a Dream speech. Martin Luther King III spoke with power and eloquence about humanity and the need to advocate for civil rights of all people. It was a special moment and we are so glad the students were there to hear his important message.




Here is a wonderful piece put together by the Union Tribune -


Union Tribune Story



Another one of the highlights was the interaction the students experienced with the granddaughter of Dr. King, Yolanda King. Yolanda is a fierce advocate for civil rights and equality for all people. CVLCC students interviewed Yolanda King, who also speaks Spanish, and asked her many kinds of questions  –“What kind of books do you like to read?,” “What is your favorite animal?” Perhaps one of the most special moments was when a second grader asked her, “How are you going to make change happen?” 



In this story there is a great video of students interviewing of Yolanda King -


KPBS Story


It was a bumpy bus ride down the long dirt road to Border Field Park, but it is an experience that the students will most likely never forget. We have to thank Mrs. Breca Mariscal and Mrs. Karina Perez for organizing such a tremendous experience!