Welcome Back Newsletter


Dear Parents and Community,

We are very excited to begin our 21st year of service at the Chula Vista Learning Community Charter School and are looking forward to having you as part of our TEAM to support student learning. Our theme for this year centers on “Enriching the lives of our Humanity through the lens of Metacognition”. We will challenge our current modes of teaching and learning by reestablishing our roots, knowing our purpose, and maintaining a fair and equitable educational experience for all our learners. 

By creating “Cultures of Thinking”, we will strengthen our students’ ability to utilize their skills to create their own knowledge to transform the world. This will require us to take a critical look at our current paradigms and seek new pathways to engage our student community to value language, global perspectives, social justice, and community engagement.

The administration team, at all levels of our organization, have been actively researching, dialoguing, and creating new approaches to endeavor this task. We look forward to engaging with you in this process and together come up with creating solutions to make our work ethically responsible and most importantly rewarding as we educate a new generation of thinkers, advocates, and agents for societal change.

“To surmount the situation of oppression, people must first critically recognize its causes, so that through transforming action they can create a new situation, one which makes possible the pursuit of fuller humanity” (Freire, 1970).

In strengthening our resolve through the lens of Instructional Rounds, we will actively seek strengths and areas of improvement to ensure our students are thinking about their own thinking (metacognition). We will begin the journey of our three-year work with Dr. Jeffrey Duncan Andrade and his TEN team to strengthen our professional learning. This partnership will reinforce our efforts by including the lens of community input to ensure we are meeting the demands of our students.

We hope you had a restful break and are excited to begin our journey to social and academic excellence for our community.


Dr. J. Ramirez

Chief Executive Officer


 We are extremely honored by your generosity in supporting our dear Christyn Pope for a quick recovery.

Ms. Pope suffered a brain hemorrhage during her vacation in the Maldives. We are happy to inform you that she will be returning to the U.S. during this week and will be hospitalized until she recovers from her injury. Your thoughts and prayers are greatly appreciated. For any further information, please feel free to contact your instructional leaders.

Latest News:  Miss Pope has arrived in San Diego safe and sound.  She is currently recovering at a local hospital.  We will keep you posted as news of her recovery comes to us.  Thank you once again for your continued support

How we plan to support our organization…

Dr. Ramirez has been assigned to support our school district’s Dual Language Programs by working with the CVESD leadership team. He will continue to prioritize his work with our CVLCC teachers and administrators in the area of teaching and learning. He will also provide leadership support at the Elementary School site.

Mr. Jacobo Ruth will provide services and support to our instructional leaders in High School and Middle School. He will also engage our faculty in developing “Cultures of Thinking”, equity, and instructional design.

Mrs. Mita Tessier will continue to provide guidance in the area of Instructional Rounds, curriculum, pedagogy, and support with professional learning at each school site.

Mrs. Lydia Burgos will be the Instructional Leader at the Elementary site. 

Mrs. Laura Duran will be the Instructional Leader at the Middle School site.

Ms. Christyn Pope will be the lead Instructional Leader at the High School along with Mrs. Magda Maldonado and Mr. Eugene Yepis.


The Faculty and Staff of the Chula Vista Learning Community Charter School met at the University of San Diego for its annual kick-off.  They spent the day challenging their thinking and learning.

Dr. Jeff Duncan-Andrade was the keynote for the day and inspired the faculty to view educational paradigms through the lens of humanization theory and pedagogical practices.

The Faculty and staff left inspired and worked the following day on how they will begin to humanize our educational program – You will be seeing some positive changes in our learning environments.

We look forward to sharing this information with you at our Parent Engagement Nights, as well as our Annual Parent Symposiums scheduled for August 11 and 18, 2018.

Welcome to the 2018-19 academic school year!  See us on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and our new website).

 It is going to be a great year enriching the lives of our humanity through metacognition! 


 You can download a complete copy of the Welcome Back Newsletter in English or Spanish below.