Amazing Humans - #1

Every few weeks, we would like to share some highlights – thank teachers or students or leaders or support staff at CVLCC who are just doing really great things within the collective movement to address distance learning and campus closures at CVLCC.

For example…

Mrs. Maldonado and the Social Justice Committee have taken the lead on thinking about how we best support families during this historic time of pandemic and economic peril. They have planned, organized… and have taken action! They have developed and operated a food drive, contacted hundreds of families, sent important communication about resources!

This message from Mrs. Maldonado and the Social Justice Committee has been spreading… “If you need anything, just contact us! Send us an email, give us a call, we are here to support and to help!” *Ms. Maldonado - contact info:

Ms. Griswold Mariscal has been instrumental in communicating with kids and providing fun and rewarding learning tasks like “Chalk the Walk!” Ms. Martinez Perez has been critical in improving the CVLCC social media presence and taking the CVLCC Instagram account to the next level. Ms. Hunt has been paramount in guiding the design of the CVLCC website, so it best communicates important information during campus closure.

Kid Chalk Art

More amazing images on CVLCC98 Instagram – Coming Soon!

Mr. Liew has been a technology life-saver at CVLCC High School. In the scramble to provide online learning opportunities we had to quickly shift platforms from ZOOM to Microsoft TEAMS, due to security concerns. Mr. Liew took the lead as a learner, figured out the complexities of TEAMS, and then helped teach us all to be better TEAMS users!  

Mr. Liew

Mr. Liew and a few students also started a podcast to capture the thoughts of students during this time of campus closure, to provide a platform for student voices, and to create a method for the HS community to listen to the thoughts of kids as we work through this pandemic together.

If you get a chance – you should check it out!

Liew Tube

All of this was done as teachers developed thoughtful lessons, as educators figured out new online platforms, as leaders build plans and systems to operate distance learning, and as Dr. Ramirez Delgado and team came up with ways to manage system operations!

We are so grateful to be surrounded by AMAZING HUMANS!

More Highlights – Coming Soon!