Just a Few Teachers (Students) Dropping Knowledge Episode #3

Clothes for Change Crew 


We would like to introduce the Clothes for Change Crew. Kylie Avila, Samara Huerta, Victoria Mansir, Denzel Martinez, Sergio Valdez! Through the process of learning, dialoging, reading, and writing these students decided they couldn’t just stop with mere knowledge acquisition – they had to TAKE ACTION!  


Clothes for Change




We had to ask... What inspired the group? The students said, that at some point during the project one of the students read a quote on Instagram, “In 12 years global warming will be irreversible!” The quote is based on a recent UN report on global climate science. This Instagram quote made the members of the Crew stop in their tracks, ponder a bigger mission, and it helped propel them to start brainstorming and organizing their collective power to come up with actions they could take to make an immediate impact, to help save the world, and do whatever they can do so that the quote does not become a reality. They decided to take on the world of Fast Fashion and the extremely damaging impact the textile industry has on the environment.



Fast Fashion   


Of course, the next question is... What is Fast Fashion? This is the idea that many people today do not use clothes to the maximum potential or repair clothes so that they last longer. The Crew discovered that a new pattern in modern society demonstrates that many people only wear their clothing for a very short period of time and discontinue wearing clothing as it starts to show any sort of gentle wear-and-tear. One of the reasons this happens is because big chain stores provide cheap and trendy clothing - that becomes almost disposable! Instead of using clothes until the items are unwearable, people discard clothing quickly, and pick a cheap new outfit or article of clothing. This is a vicious cycle that causes textile factories to churn out clothing at a frightening speed, and in the process, this production of clothing does incredible damage to the environment. The Clothes of Change Crew wants to combat this greedy and senseless cycle! They want to end FAST FASHION!  


Example of Fast Fashion Store

*H&M is an Example of a Fast Fashion Store


But How?  


The Clothes for Change Crew developed an ambitious plan to create a gently used clothing store. They took donations from the community, advertised the event, and then asked students and CVLCC staff to browse the store and purchase items ranging in price from 25 cents to 3 dollars. The goal was to get people to buy used clothes from their store, not Fast Fashion stores. The money raised would be donated to environmental agencies and non-profits organizations. The hope is that through this clothing store Fast Fashion consumption as CVLCC will be reduced or even eliminated! Then the project will be scaled up to start including the greater community of Chula Vista, and maybe lead to a national or global campaign!  




Take it to the CVLCC Board  


When Principal Mrs. Maldonado heard about the project, she told the group that they had to take their ideas to the CVLCC School Board. Mrs. Maldonado wanted the students to have the experience of formally presenting the project to the School Board, but also wanted them to get approval so that the project could grow and operate with the full support of the CVLCC community! With great trepidation the Crew went to the CVLCC Board Meeting, submitted their oral comment request card, waited patiently, took a bunch of deep breaths, meditated, and then BOOM, dropped knowledge and presented their ideas with determined passion. The School Board grilled them with questions, and the Crew responded with vigor and intelligence! Ultimately, the School Board unanimously approved the project and the Crew received well deserved adoration from CVLCC CEO - Dr. Ramirez!  



What is Next?  


It is hard to say how big the project will grow, but we are confident that these dedicated students (environmental warriors) are poised and prepared to make a huge impact on their school and greater community!