Teacher Lab - A Morning w. Dr. Ritchhart

Teachers and leaders have been studying books by Dr. Ron Ritchhart titled Making Thinking Visible and Creating Cultures of Thinking. Teachers at all sites have focused on implementing thinking routines and facilitating learning environments that allow for the development of thinking dispositions. Leaders have focused on the use of thinking language to foster conversations and dialogue that encourages collaboration and metacognition when interacting with students, teachers, and the community.

One morning in February, Dr. Ritchhart visited CVLCC Elementary to work with a group of teachers from all of the school sites using a protocol called Teacher Lab. The process goes like this - a group of educators comes together, selects a host teacher, plans a lesson together, observes the lesson being taught, and then debriefs so that the group learns together. 6th grade teacher Mrs. Paulina Martinez was the courageous host teacher and did an amazing job teaching the lesson we developed with Dr. Ritchhart. It was a wonderful experience and an example of how we are trying to create cultures of thinking as CVLCC and improve our craft as educators.
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-Dr. Ron Ritchhart is a Senior Research Associate at Project Zero where his work focuses on such issues as teaching for understanding, the development of intellectual character, creative teaching, making students' thinking visible, and the development of school and classroom culture.

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