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CVLCC Monthly Emergent Bilingual Advisory Council Meeting

Please Join Us! Thursday, January 30th @ 8:30 am, we will have our monthly EBAC meeting in the James L. Burns Multipurpose room at our Elementary campus.
We will be reviewing what works well at our schools and what needs to be improved so that we can include this information in our LCAP Goals. We will provide dinner for you and together we can fulfill our promise to our community of having a quality educational experience for ALL students!
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Human Rights Institute for Parents

We are very excited to announce that Dr. Ramirez will be leading 4 incredible workshops on Human Rights. This is a fantastic opportunity to learn more about Human Rights Education and the amazing work we do at CVLCC. These sessions are meant for parents and community members. Successful completion of all 4 session will result in a Human Rights Education Certificate *You must attend all 4 session for certificate. The first session is Feb. 10th - 6:00pm at CVLCC Elementary.
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Just a Few Teachers (Students) Dropping Knowledge Episode #3

Recently CVLCC 9th graders participated in a project titled, The Cause and Effect Sustainability Project, in Mr. Garcia’s World Geography course. While all students in the class completed the project, certain groups took their thinking and projects to the next level. Mr. Garcia described the project as an opportunity to learn deeply about environmentalism, sustainability, and the importance of cause and effect relationships in our community and global society. As the projects grew, and learning about sustainability increased, certain students began to create more sophisticated and powerful ideas related to how we best address environmental issues that influence community or global sustainability. Students learned about sustainability and environmentalism, but also how cause and effect relationships operate in our world. Certain groups discovered that they can take steps to reverse or decrease some of these negative human impacts on the environment. The story below outlines the development of one group that took their learning to new heights, applied the knowledge they acquired in class, and took action to make our planet and community a better place!
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Just a Few Teachers Dropping Knowledge - Episode #2

In this episode of Just a Few Teachers Dropping Knowledge we offer our community a peek into the minds of two CVLCC teachers discussing a beautifully collaborative and creative project that asked kids to learn about activism, history, social justice, art technique – and the power of expressing learning through the avenue of artistic expression!

Check it out!
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CVLCC Spring Fling 2019

Come one, come all to the CVLCC Spring Fling. This is going to be a fantastic event. FOOD, performances, and games... and family FUN! Tortas, pizza, hot dogs, nachos... YUM! There will also be performances by Ballet Folklorico and African Percussion! Tickets go on sale in the school office April 15th. We hope to see you all for this great community event!
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CVLCC Family Hikes - Cowles Mountain

The naturalist John Muir once wrote, “in every walk with nature one receives far more than he/she seeks!” Well… one frigid morning in February a big group of CVLCC families took on the challenge of walking with nature and climbing to the top of Cowles Mountain peak!
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Just a Few Teachers Dropping Knowledge! Episode #1

Just a Few Teachers Dropping Knowledge!

Episode #1

The first time Dr. Ron Ritchhart visited CVLCC, to teach us about Thinking Routines, I was lucky enough to sit by Karina Gamboa as Ron taught us in the Elementary auditorium. At one point, I got to partner up and dialogue with Karina. We started talking about her work with the book Re-Thinking Mathematics and Cognitively Guided Math Instruction... and I was totally blown away! ...
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