8th Grade Virtual Promotion

8th Grade Virtual Promotion
6/1/2020, 6:00 PM 7:00 PM

Students and Parents,

YouTube Premiere Information:

Part 1 (20 min):

Part 2 (25 min):

When: On Monday, 1 June at 6pm the 2-minute countdown timer will start! During the video premiere, there will be a chat available so that we can all share encouragement and interact within YouTube.

Part 2 will premiere at 6:30, so you’ll have time to grab a snack, walk around the block, or chat with family or friends.

Why: So we can recognize and celebrate our 8th graders as a community.

What will be in the video?: You’ll hear the Star Spangled Banner sung by Katie and Kloe Miller, with sign language interpretation from Ms. Medina. Students will share encouraging speeches. Teachers will celebrate and send you off.

Students have also put together video from a virtual promotion ceremony on Minecraft! And each student will be recognized individually, announced by their Hometown teacher.

What if I want to talk to my friends during the virtual promotion?: Great! The video is on YouTube, which is probably the easiest platform to view on a TV, computer, tablet, or phone. We recommend you set up a call on Teams, FaceTime, or other video-meeting platform so that you can connect with each other as we all watch the video.

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